AVK Blog v. 4: Nikola site generator


Very often I need to write about something interesting and share my thoughts with friends and other people.

I’ve used to have Blog since 2006 but my blog is a place where I prefer to experiment with different software technology, and as any experiments, they can fail, as it happen to a few previous (2014-2018).


My previous blogs were done:

  • 2006 Django (first experiments, and actually first site on Django)
  • 2013 Django + Mezzonine (but it did not worked as well as I expected, a lot of spam were coming through)
  • 2014 wheezy.web (has never been finished)
  • 2018 Nikola

Now I am using Nikola static site generator and it seems to work pretty well from scratch, it was not hard to set it.


My today [2018-04-22 Sun] plan is:

Next steps (not today)

  • Re-publish (some? | all?) older blog articles: use 301 Redirect for the relocated content.
  • Decide on knoweledge base project - how to exchange this information with other people