There are big difference in understanding of things - before you try thing, and after your try. I think this is a common human behavior - when you don't know some feature, you underestimate its value. For a years of development I almost never used things like refactoring functions (which were available in PyDev for some time), or code completion (btw: I have friends which still think that text editors which can open more then one file is a overkill).

Recently I come upon a very interesting project: Rope

When I curiously recently installed Rope and Ropemacs I was shocked how much value it adds to my daily development.

Features, which I already found and actively use are:

  • Code completion with Alt+/
  • C-x p f rope-find-file
  • C-c r r rope-rename
  • C-c r d rope-show-doc

That is very common that I don't remember some function arguments during typing the code. Rope-Code-Assist and Rope-Show-Doc is killing combination for a people with short memory ;-)

Rope-find-file makes it very easy to find a file in your project, especially when there are 50 directories and 300 files - it reduces find file time to a absolute minimin.

I am very happy that I found such a great tool!

Btw, I also found that not all version of ropemacs,rope and rpymacs work together, so here is combination which guaranteed to work:

alex@appserver ~/src $ ls -d r*
rope-0.7.6  ropeide-1.5  ropemacs-0.5c3  rpymacs-b97e0488c296
alex@appserver ~/src $


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