[EN] Django my site!

[EN] Django my site!

I found a 2 free days and decided to try Django to replace my old Plone-based personal site. This should be proof-of-concept, 4rth project where I am constantly proving the fact that Dango development is much faster comparing to Plone/Zope.

I did not expected that, but really I made a whole site in 2 days, paying attention to the fact that I was unable to find ready components so I've made both Blog and Picture Gallery from scratch. I found good advices on makeing on blog on Ross Poulton site.

I did not spent much time thinking how to design my site - come to OSWD and selected one I like more from both visual and code standpoints.

I am very satisfied with speed and easy of Django development. Long live my Django site, and engine itself!

P.S. Starting to add some photos now, but probably it would take some time.


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