New Firefox profile every month?

New Firefox profile every month?

Its a shame that my brand new fast and powerful laptop XPS M1530 can not handle single task: Firefox. Firefox does not work well. It stops sometimes for around a minute, without any reaction to any mouse clicks to document body, menu, or anything else. It stops updating window contents. It does very intensive network and disk IO this time…

At first, I've tried to read forums and Google to find out what can slow down Firefox so signifinantly. Nothing helped me.

So, I've decided to create new firefox profile every month…. Why? It just geting slow, even after disabling all modules, it still pretty damn slow. Even after "Clear all private data" and History and everything except Bookmarks….

Not sure if anybody experiences the same probem as I do. I am running Firefox on a pretty decent hardware (Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Duo CPU     T8300  @ 2.40GHz) with 4GB of RAM and pretty fast disc.

Every time it starts, and a few times more during my daily time it just stops responding and freezes for 2-3 minutes.  Then, it starts working again.

Currently running version: 3.0.5. I've decided to make new profile every month, import my bookmarks, and work until next month.

Update 2009.01.31. Also I enabled network.http.pipelining in about:config and disabled automatic check for attack/forgery sites in Preferences/security. Still, despite all my efforts, firefox freezes up. I mean, neither File or any other menu works, it stops and freezes for around 60 seconds and then starts working again. This happens sometimes after startup, sometimes during the normal work.

Update 2009.02.01 All above does NOT help. Speed of Firefox improved greatly, but freezes are not gone. They still appear from time to time, mostly upon startup, but during normal work, too. I started reading some articles, and currentry disabled even my bookmarks (suspect that Firefox slowdown can be related to internal Live Bookmarks feature). I completely removed all bookmarks, even those which ship with Firefox. Lets wait a few days to see if this helps…

Update 2009.02.02 It seems that problem is fixed. I worked whole day without bookmarks, all was fast and no freezes. So, I decided to remove "Live bookmarks" feature. Removing each single RSS link takes several seconds (due to intensive I/O around 500Kb/sec with disc). Removing my RSS folder took 3 minutes. Now my firefox is fast and I still can bookmark. Amazing! :-) /*I found that Live Bookmarks firefox feature is too slow even for the most modern hardware today. Don't use it, until Firefox team found and fixed the problem!*/


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