A few words about me

I am software developer which happen to be born and live at Kharkov, Ukrine. From my childish years I like fiddling with technology: it started from amateur radio, then programming calculator, then MS-DOS, Linux+Web (from 1993) software development.

I like to create new things: be it software or anything else. I like to take part of analisys and construction of small larger systems. The process itself makes me happy.

My site is about my daily life: about technology and people. Carefully selected technology (Python, Linux, Django, Emacs), people (project management, customer relations), process management and personal life (relatives, bike, travel).

I find it hard but challenging to be involved into as many things as I do. I read a lot of books to try to be competetive on the thigns I do.

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Better color scheme for django dev server

I've tired of getting unreadable Django dev server error messages. Looked at django/utils/termcolors.py and fixed this by exporting this variable: export DJANGO_COLORS="light;http_not_modified=black;error=red,bold;notice=magenta;http_success=blue,bold" Results example:.

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How are you doing backups for your customers?

Recently, after long battle with our sys-admins (which all have been fired so far) I had to go back to topic of backups, personally. The core concepts under this are: It should be easy to setup and maintain. Thus, options like Bakula are overkill for most of my needs Support for incremental backups Support for removing certain backups after certain ....

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Finally solved main flymake problem

I am using Emacs for >10 years and still not being able to program on Lisp. But sometimes this ability is really required because some specific functions are both very useful and very broken for years. Until now, I've searched and seen that hundreds of people asked for help to solve the flymake and Tramp issue. I have tried several ....

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Taking quick screenshot in i3wm

Improving your desktop UI takes many small steps over the time. Since I've moved to simplified window managers (awesome, dwm, then i3wm) I've found that I should configure all the office usability functions myself. With great help of Python here is my i3wm key combination (placed into ~/.i3/config): bindsym --release Print exec --no-startup-id screenshot.py And here is the python code ....

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